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two pictures with fish on them, one is made out of aluminum foil and the other has
a paper flower and umbrella on a stick with a surfboard in the background,
several colorful toothbrushes are arranged on the floor
four broccoli shaped cookies sitting on top of a wooden table
Srs. Manjericos
a child is making a paper craft with scissors
manjerico em feltro - Pesquisa Google
a potted plant made out of green origami pieces on a wooden table
Mauriquices: Cheira bem, cheira a Santos Populares!
a paper plate angel with pink flowers on it's head and the words, pipe cleaner angel
Pipe Cleaner and Candy Cane Angels – The Pinterested Parent
Pipe Cleaner & Paper Plate Angel - a cute Christmas craft for kids
a bulletin board with some plants in it
manjericos de papel - Pesquisa do Google
handprints are placed on top of a cardboard box
Santos Populares
a sign that has flowers on it with words in spanish and some type of language
a coloring page with a girl holding a cross and a teddy bear in her lap
são francisco de assis
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a cupcake with a flag sticking out of it
santos populares - Pesquisa do Google
six fish in cages with spanish words on them