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an old metal object that looks like it has been broken
Joël Abouzit
someone is wearing black sneakers with purple and blue accents on their feet, while they are standing in front of a marble floor
Vans Girls: Photo
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a woman with long hair standing in the sand
Indieground's Weekly Inspiration Dose #083
Weekly Inspiration Dose 083 - Indieground Design #graphicdesign #design #art #inspiration #illustration #photomanipulation #experimental #concept #fashion
a woman standing next to a wall holding a skateboard in front of her face
The Girl With The Swirl 🍥
The girl with the swirl 💃🍥 Edit by @rocio_aguirre #MadeWithPicsArt
Design, Layout, Magazine Inspiration, Cover Magazine, Design Cover, Poster Layout, Magazine
C 41 magazine (Italy) - Coverjunkie
a large red and black object floating in the air with long sticks sticking out of it's center
Wonderfully Distorted Sculptures Created From Cut Portrait Photos
a woman's face is shown through black strips on a white background, and the image appears to be made out of wood sticks
Jean Faucheur - Photographie 2000 ? 20..
a man with his hands folded out in front of him and the image is made up of squares
a man standing in front of a white wall holding a piece of paper with squares on it
Mixed media portrait series - ROSANNA JONES