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a dog with its mouth open and it's teeth wide open, looking at the camera
F&O Fabforgottennobility
F&O; Fabforgottennobility
there is a cat that is sleeping on the floor with it's eyes closed
Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital - Danielson and Killingly Veterinarian
Relaxation tips from our orange cat patient, Titten.
a dog is sitting on the floor with its owner and text that reads 10 simple things that can add years to your dog's life
10 Simple Things That Could Add Years To Your Dog's Life
Must know these! Simple, but we forget.
a woman holding a dog in her arms with the caption, sabias que
Dog Spay Recovery: What's Normal and What Are Some Warning Signs
Its World Spay Day! Check out these tips on how to take care of your dog after being spayed. #WorldSpayDay
a cat wearing a sweater with the caption stop unwanted cat pregancies spay & neuter
Spay and neuter!!
an upward female cat, her mate, and all their offspring producing 2 liters per year
Private Site
spay or neuter #cats
a billboard with an image of a cat yawning
Momma Cat's Preggers Again
Not again! purregnancy test.... (please spay & neuter!) From Rescued! is my favorite breed on fb
Be Responsible. Spay and Neuter. Now. - The Lazy Pit Bull Dogs, Pit Bulls, Dick, Pitbulls
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Be Responsible. Spay and Neuter. Now. - The Lazy Pit Bull
a cat laying on the ground next to a kitten
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Spay and neuter your pets and there will be less homeless animals.
an orange and white cat sitting on top of a cement wall next to a red heart
If you have outdoor cats in your neighborhood, get them fixed to stop the cycle and then you can care for them, feed them and even love them (maybe from a distance in some cases). TNR works. Here are resources to help:
the cover of adopt a cat right meow
Adopt a Cat
Such a sad situation that can be easily changed - compulsory sterilization and no sale of animals in pet stores or from breeders. Please adopt!
two cats playing with each other in front of a sign that says i love you later
Animals – theCHIVE
This is like @Hannah Keeth and @Caroline Keeth
Awww! Poor kitty!!! Funny Animals With Captions, Funny Cat Memes, Funny Cat Pictures
Funny Animal Pictures
Awww! Poor kitty!!!
a group of cats laying on top of each other in the middle of a yard
We love piles of kittens! =^.^= purr...but please spay and neuter! All cats deserve a loving home, and there aren't enough to go around.
a drawing of a cat being petted by someone's hand with the word cats above it
How to Save a Choking Cat
how to save a choking #cat #animal