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four different views of the ocean with ships in each one and an island at the other end
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Marie-Laure Cruschi (Cruschiform), Cabins and other vector illustrations
a white and wood shelf with three shelves on each side, in front of a wall
Turn a sideways Expedit (now the Kallax, $59.99) into a mid-century console.
Turn a sideways Expedit (now the Kallax, $59.99) into a mid-century console. | 37 Cheap And Easy Ways To Make Your Ikea Stuff Look Expensive
two glass vases with plants in them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Self Watering Planter Made From Recycled Wine Bottle. Perfect for Indoor Fall Greenery. - Etsy
Self watering planter made from recycled wine bottle.
four different pictures with one person holding something
curated contemporary art
Take a photo of an old photo lined up where it was taken. Such an awesome idea!
the letter j is made out of crayons in a shadow box with writing on it
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Great DIY idea for nursery decor with crayons in a shadowbox frame. "Like" Bradley's on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/bradleysartandframe?ref=hl
an art installation made out of white crochet hanging from the ceiling in a building
55 Awesome DIY Photography Backdrops | Photographypla.net
55 Awesome DIY Photography Backdrops - PhotographyPla.net #photo #prop
a camera lens sitting on top of a table with the words, understanding the writing on
Everything You Want to Know About Camera Lenses: Part 1-Understanding the Writing on the Lens | Click it Up a Notch®
Everything You Want to Know About Camera Lenses:Part 1-Understanding the Writing on the Lens via Click it Up a Notch
three different pictures with the words chandelier on them and an image of a man's shirt
28 Outdoor Lighting DIYs To Brighten Up Your Summer
20 Inspiring Outdoor Lighting DIY Ideas Good idea...hang other types of lighting
legos are plugged into the side of a wall
Home - Design Intuition
Best LEGO hack DIY idea ever!!
a person holding a piece of leather in their right hand and the other hand is pointing at it
DIY Leather Drawer Pulls for an Ikea Dresser Hack - Sugar & Cloth
DIY // Ikea hack dresser - Add Leather Strip Pulls
a city street filled with lots of traffic next to tall buildings covered in geometric shapes
I really like the way the colours subtly compliment one another and the way the lines create different vision paths across the image. Your eyes are lead one way and then carried another creating individual journeys.
a light bulb that is on top of some kind of thing
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Pinocchio - Wood Mannequin Hand Wall Lamp - Wall Sconce Light - Unique Wall Light
a drawing of a woman with flowers on her body
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Ballerina, Oslo. Graffitied tutu | Whim & Fantasy....street art