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an electric outlet is plugged into the wall with a power strip attached to it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Awesome gadget: Node Electric Outlet
an advertisement for the new apple product is shown in three different pictures, including hands and fingers
Color Picker Pen
It's a high tech pen. Scan the color you want to use then the pen will draw with that color!!! I could use for my anime drawings and have the right colors instantaneously.
an image of a person holding a cell phone in their hands with the caption can music be touched?
Incredible, creative and innovative! How could this change the way we think and live? #innovation #invention #progress #new #ideas #growing #movingforward
three different types of lights are shown in the image, and one is being held up by
10+ beautiful and clever products design - part 2
a padlock with a digital u - lock on it is shown in this screenshot
Co.Design Archives
four different types of cell phones connected to wires and plugs in various shapes, sizes and colors
Aluminum-Leather/Wood Fusion Phone Cases
a person holding a game controller while flying a remote control plane over the ocean and land
Fancy is for sale at!
Fancy - Parrot Bebop Drone
an iphone with two wooden plugs attached to it
These Tiny Batteries Are the Most Portable Phone Chargers Yet
Can't wait for these mini phone batteries to come out.
two pictures of a person holding a cell phone in one hand and another showing the other
Muscular Mobile Phone - Yanko Design
Muscular Mobile Phone Case- changes shape when activated
an image of multiple cell phones with different colors on the back and front sides, all in various shapes and sizes
Google Previews New Designs for Its Modular Smartphones
Google revealed new details about the company's highly anticipated modular smartphones at its Project Ara developers conference.