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a large red bridge spanning the width of a body of water
Ponte del 25 abril, Lisbon, Portugal
the statue is lit up in front of the full moon
Cristo Rei statue - Full moon over Lisbon, Portugal - This is the same statue as the one in Rio, but smaller. Beautifully lit for the whole city to see.
a city with lots of buildings and a bridge in the background
View of Ponte 25 de Abril (Bridge) and of Christ the Redeemer, Lisbon, Portugal
a long bridge spanning across a large body of water
NRAO - Arecibo Observatory Landing Page
Lisboa - Ponte 25 de Abril (as viagens de autocarro para a praia...) Lisbon - 25th April Bridge (when I was a kid we crossed this bridge in a bus to go to the beach)
the golden gate bridge is lit up at night with lights on it's sides
where to stay in lisbon | Well-Traveled Wife
Lisbon - "25th April"'s Bridge, Portugal. European version of San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge.
a black and white photo of a bridge in the water
an old black and white photo of people standing in front of a large suspension bridge
Ponte sobre o Tejo
black and white photograph of boats docked in the water
Memórias de Lisboa
Ponte sobre o Tejo
an aerial view of two horses walking across a bridge in front of a large body of water
Construção ponte tejo
a black and white photo of a bridge with fog in the air over it's sides
Construção da 'Ponte sobre o Tejo' / Salazar / 25 de Abril em Lisboa
an old black and white photo of a crane
Ponte Salazar em Construção (hoje 25 de abril ?!)