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an oil painting of water lilies and trees in the foreground with a cloudy sky
La Débâcle ; Claude Monet; 1880; 220-1982 on NZ Museums
a painting of a woman sitting under a tree in a garden with flowers on the ground
| Claude Monet |
a painting of a house on the edge of a cliff by the ocean with people swimming in the water
The Hut in Trouville, Low Tide by Claude Monet | USEUM
an impressionist painting of a house in the distance with trees and flowers around it
La Maison de Monet à Argenteuil (C Monet - W 406)
two people are standing on the beach watching the sun go down over the mountains and water
Claude Monet - Sunset at Pourville at Kreeger Art Museum Washington DC
a painting of purple flowers in a garden
Claude Monet (1840–1926)
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Jardin à Vétheuil (C Monet - W 682)
a painting of an apple tree in the foreground with houses and hills in the background
Pruniers en fleurs (C Monet - W 519)
a painting of a sailboat on the water at sunset with clouds in the sky
Marine View with a Sunset, c. 1875 by Claude Monet - Paper and Canvas Print - Philadelphia Museum of Art - Custom Prints Store