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a woman sitting on the floor with her laptop and text overlay that reads, 50 legit companies that pay $ 16 per hour or more to work from home
50 Legitimate High-Paying Work at Home Jobs in 2021
50 Companies That Pay $16/Hr (or More) to Work from Home
a kitchen with an oven and some utensils in the drawer next to it
Before and After: A Sleek and Smart Kitchen Remodel
This pull-out utensil bin, right next to the stove, is a clever alternative to the traditional corner-cabinet lazy Susan.:
a woman sitting in front of a computer wearing a headset
OrderUp [Take Menu Orders from Home at $12 an HR!]
Take Menu Orders from Home at $12 an Hour!
two children sitting in a red wagon with the words 4 ways that make over $ 3, 000 / month as a stay at home mom
4 Ways That I Make $3,000 a Month From Home Every month
three bird's nests are sitting on top of each other with wire in the middle
Bird Nest Place Card Holder DIY (like Pottery Barn's) - Hopeful Homemaker
diy birds nest place card holder: place name card and fill nest with snacks
the cover of popular companies with work from home jobs
10 Well-Known Companies That Hire Remote Workers
Do you feel more comfortable applying for work from home jobs with companies you've heard of? Then this list should help! It's a big list of companies that are more or less household names that DO have work from home jobs.
an appliance with pictures of pots and pans in the bottom drawer, next to a photo of cooking utensils
Easy DIY Tricks For ‘Challenges’ Around the House
There you go again, Pinterest. Making me feel dumb.