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a notebook with some type of writing on the page and it is lined in pink ink
bullet journal templates
Lugares para escrever títulos✍
a notebook with some type of lettering on the page and it's cover in blue ink
a black and white photo with the words super of the week
“Here's a recap of all the banners.. I know I may have missed a few.. but most of them are there.. #TheRevisionGuide_Banners #TheRevisionGuide_HowTo . . .…”
an old fashioned set of hand drawn doodles
Entre índios
the 25 simple kawai borders are shown in different colors
How to draw 25 simple borders for bullet journal
Margens Bonitinhas
a bunch of different type of lettering on a white background with pink and black ink
TIPS & DIY | #Wattys2016 - BACK TO SCHOOL | Hacer apuntes útiles y bonitos |
#wattpad #de-todo Buscas TIPS que te sean de ayuda en tu día a día? Te gusta hacer DIY? Te gusta cocinar? Aquí encontraras todo esto y más. Tips útiles (desde moda y belleza hasta a estudios y productividad) y Diys faciles y baratos explicados paso a paso.