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an old family tree is shown with many pictures on it, including people's names
I’m Up a Tree…the Family Tree!
Family tree scrapbook page?
a family collage with many different pictures and words on the front, including an image of
FFT Blog
Family of Nan Cott Poppy ~ scrap a 5 generation photographic family tree on a single page!
a family tree with many different pictures on the top and bottom branches, all in shades of blue
Digital Scrapbooking Designs and Kits
This would be a great front page for that old-family-picture-album that I'm never going to get to (Family Archives collection @ SBG)
a black and white box with drawers on the bottom that has an ornate pattern in it
Another great tutorial by PaperPhenomenon. This one is already full of my supplies. I need to make another!
several pictures of different boxes with holes in them
Most inspiring pictures and photos!
several pictures of various items that are being made out of magazines and other things on the table
armário de jornal
several different types of storage boxes and drawers
DIY cardboard furniture ideas – fun projects for the weekend
DIY cardboard furniture design original storage ideas carboard shelves storage boxes desk table