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a sink made out of colorful tiles in front of a brick wall with a faucet
Mosaik Waschbecken aus Holz und Bartisch aus Keramikfliesen von Alexey Steshak
Mosaik Holzspüle fliesenspiegel
a stove top oven sitting next to a wall with flowers on it's side
an image of a table with many items on it and the caption is in spanish
I'm so impressed with the detail and artistry of this piece! Seen on facebook....
an old chair is decorated with little flowers and leaves on it's back end
Make over
two wine glasses sitting on top of a glass plate with a sunflower design in it
043 | sun flower table | jeannewarner123 | Flickr
a mosaic table with pink flowers in the middle and green leaves around it on a brick walkway
rozentafeltje —
Fornece upload de imagem livre e integração de hospedagem para fóruns. imagem grátishospedagem e compartilhamento de fotos para sites e blogs.
blue chandelier with flowers hanging from it's sides in front of a window
love this
a wooden shelf with bird houses on it
Woodworking Ideas | Woodworking Session
Birdhouse Coat Rack. Made from Reclaimed Fence by AaronsBirdhouses #woodworkingideas
a wooden table sitting on top of a hard wood floor
a table with flowers painted on it sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a rug
a round table made out of wood and glass mosaics on it's sides
Mesas de bobinas de cable acabadas con mosaicos
Blog sobre reciclaje, medioambiente, permacultura, decoración y muchas otras cosas que me parece interesante compartir.