Projeto II

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Colección creada con herramientas de diseño digital por la diseñadora de moda Oxana Goralczyk. Couture, Mode Wanita, Fashion Design, Robe, Moda, Giyim, Digital Dress, Fashion Drawing, Fashion Design Drawings
Diseños de la colección Very Peri de Oxana Goralczyk
an open notebook with pictures and words on the cover, sitting on a wooden surface
Prabath Zoysa artist research + studies
an image of a magazine with pictures on it's cover and some pens next to it
a large group of people standing in front of each other wearing colorful clothing and holding umbrellas
House of Holland
House of Holland: August 2012
several magazine covers are stacked on top of each other in this pile, all showing different women's faces and hairstyles
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an open magazine with pictures of people and words on the front cover that read, style unfuenced
an open fashion book with pictures of models on it
a collage of clothes and clothing items on a piece of paper with red thread
Arts Thread Homepage
an open book with pictures of men's clothing on it and the title, 80's tailoring
Nostalgia research