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the words don't make a long term decision based on a short term emotion
a person sitting on top of a rock with the words never regt a day in your life good days give happiness, bad days give experience, worst days give lessons, and best days
Taking each day at a time, taking each moment at a time
an image of a carrot hanging from the side of a cliff with people walking on it
#citazioni #verità
a man standing on top of a cliff with a tree growing out of the cliff
a couple of kids standing next to each other on top of a blue background with the words, mi piato da morte ma siccono no voglio morre mai riano
Ecards, Memes, E Cards
a field with a lone tree in the distance and a foggy sky behind it
a pink sky with mountains in the background and a quote on it that reads, se gi
Le 100 più belle Frasi di Madre Teresa di Calcutta (con immagini)
an older man sitting on a bench next to a lake
Frasi e Parole per una buona giornata
a black and white photo with a quote from carl gustavjung on it
Photos Su Autostima F94
the words are written in black and white
#aforismi #citazioni
the words are written in black and white on an orange, blue, yellow and pink background
a woman with freckles on her face and the words in spanish above her