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a pair of scissors cutting through a blue and white elephant figurine with floral designs on it
How To Make Beautiful Blue And White Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments - My Humble Home and Garden
From the top, slice the napkin toward the center.
an open cardboard box with three ornaments hanging from the top and one bottle on the bottom
How To Make Beautiful Blue And White Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments - My Humble Home and Garden
two hands are holding scissors and paper plates on a table with black and white designs
DIY Decoupage Ornaments - Jenna Sue Design
DIY Decoupage Ornaments - Jenna Sue Design
a blue and white plate being painted with gold
How to Make Decoupage Chinoiserie Ornaments
How to Decoupage a Pretty Planter
two blue and white vases sitting on top of newspaper
Decoupage Vases with Napkins, Blue and White Chinoiserie Vase Inspired Makeover - Joyfully Treasured
how to decoupage with thick paper and other things you can use in your project
How to Decoupage with Thick Scrapbook Paper
a person is holding an ornament in their left hand, with blue and white flowers on it
How to Recycle Old Ornaments with Napkins
Recycle old ornaments that you don't love anymore! Give them a fresh new look by decoupaging them with napkins and adding gold glitter to the tops! See how at #DIY #recycle #christmas #ornaments
a white ball sitting next to a blue and white flowered plate on a table
Decoupage Chinoiserie Ginger Jar With Lid DIY
I was recently a recipient of a giveaway on a All Things Dollar Store Facebook site. One of the members created a fun craft challenge using chinoiserie napkins she provided plus we had to use three additional items from the dollar store in our creations.I was one of the lucky ones to receive these goodies. I made a decoupage chinoiserie ginger jar with lid out of them. It was fun using as many items I could get from the dollar store to make this. If you'd like to make one too, here's h…
a hand holding an ornament in front of a blue and white flowered design
How To Make Budget Friendly Chinoiserie Christmas Ornaments - From House To Home
someone using a brush to paint blue and white flowers
Arabesque Tile Ornaments, DIY Handmade Christmas Ornaments with Decoupage - Joyfully Treasured
a white vase sitting on top of a table next to a paint can and brush
10 Easy DIY Spring Decor Ideas to Try