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a neon sign that reads don't know where i'm going from here but promise won't be boring
Observation 1: Cognitive Development. As far as language development for late childhood goes, Harry displays competence in pragmatics. This is observed in his conversations with his peers. He displays a quick wit, especially when conversing with Dudley, and with Draco, a boy he does not much care for at Hogwarts. He has a good understanding of the nuances of language and intonation, which can be seen when he is able to get his message clearly across while being cleverly insulting with his words.
neon signs on the wall that say dear my universe
a neon sign with the word vacation written in white and pink on it's side
Weekend Getaways and Travel Deals | LivingSocial
Easy and refreshing sorbet recipes that taste like summer at
a neon sign that reads wanderlust with a teddy bear in the foreground
For some it truly Lasts...
a neon sign that has two dolphins on it in the dark with lights hanging from them
Visual Portal
NEON WHALES Visual Portal – recollectvintage
a neon light bulb hanging from the side of a wall in a dark room with a black background
ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ ↝ gcidmartinez
a person holding a neon light up in the shape of a heart on a wall
Endeavour Neon
Endeavor neon - custom signs
a pink neon sign that says dreaming
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a red neon sign that says it's not love i'm just drunk
Tokyo Bleep
the palm tree is lit up at night in front of the motor hotel and casino
The Palm Motor Hotel // neon
a neon sign that says you know i know on the side of a store window
X. It’s what’s happening
the letter k is made up of neon lights and letters that spell out it's name
oh ok. then. -- had to run up front, trying to get more people in department, get a piece of equipment purchased, ask for help gettting something mixed (new input). sorry