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a tree house in the middle of some trees
Wood Haven Strives for Sustainability, Beauty, and Functionality - gb&d
The treehouse at Garvan Woodland Gardens is a standout example of the possibilities. [Photo: Courtesy of Wood Haven]
a black building with lots of windows and plants in front of it at night time
Romas Noreika's Personal Project for a Summer House
Ferienhaus mit Baum
a wooden structure sitting on top of a hill
the nolla cabin is a zero-emission dwelling kitted out in sustainable decor
the nolla cabin is a zero-emission dwelling kitted out in sustainable decor
a man standing next to a tiny house
Inside Elon Musk's Famous $50,000 Tiny Home
(356) Inside Elon Musk's Famous $50,000 Tiny Home - YouTube
a small house made out of wood and black shingles, with a pitched roof
Søren Rose Studio – Work – Klein A45
two people sitting in a wooden sculpture on the ground next to each other and one is looking at his reflection
Maison et Objet: Now! Le Off - COOL HUNTING®
an architectural drawing shows the various parts of a boat and its interior, as well as details
В масштабе микро - Блог "Частная архитектура"
Micro House 2
an image of a page with diagrams and instructions on how to use the object in this project
an open door on the side of a building that is made out of plywood
Building Belarus: 5 Small Scale Projects at Home and Abroad - Architizer Journal
people are walking around an art exhibit with wooden structures on the floor and in the air
Shelter of Nostalgia by Worapong Manupipatpong
a small building made out of wood and glass
Pop-up pavilions for kissing and "dangerous play" draw attention to rules of privately-owned public spaces
two people are standing in front of a house made out of cardboard and plywood
Erik Johansson: Fotografía Imposible
an image of people in the shape of houses
Yi Duo House by Haifei Dai