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three different types of shipping containers in various stages of being assembled and unpacked
Wikkelhouse Nederland
a small wooden step stool made out of cardboard
a man standing next to a large wooden object in a room filled with other items
Wikkelhouse: pick your modular segments & click them together
(355) Wikkelhouse: pick your modular segments & click them together - YouTube
a close up of a wooden object on a table with wood and metal trimmings
The sustainable Wikkelhouse by Fiction Factory | STYLEPARK
a group of different colored poles in a room with white walls and flooring on the ground
Projects | Studio Emmi
Painted cardboard tubes... how pretty!
a table and chairs made out of cardboard boxes
Recycling Cardboard for Unique DIY Furniture, Inspiring Green Living Ideas
a multicolored cardboard box with four sections
Could make DIY cardboard chair kits customers could take home to build or customise themselves. | Cardboard Chair Inspiration | Cardboard chair, Cardboard furniture, Cardboard design
an older man is reaching into a cardboard box
the bookshelf has many different types of books on it
a sculpture made out of cardboard sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white wall
an abstract sculpture made out of cardboard on a wall