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four tomatoes are growing on the plant together, with green leaves around them and dark background
How to Prevent Blossom-End Rot, According to Experts
Knowing how to prevent blossom-end rot, a common disease found in tomatoes, allows you to turn out flawless fruits from your own backyard garden. We spoke to experts for advice on how to prevent this common problem.
red roses blooming in a garden with green leaves
How to Get Rid of Powdery Mildew, According to Experts
Learn what causes powdery mildew, and what you can do to prevent it from infecting your plants.
cucumbers growing in the garden with green leaves
16 Best Cucumber Companion Plants for a Healthier Crop
These cucumber companion plants will ensure your crop thrives. The plants on our list repel bugs, attract pollinators, improve soil quality, and more. We also share which plants not to grow near your cucumbers, according to experts.
three potted basil plants sitting on a window sill
How to Harvest Basil for a Continuous Supply of Herbs
Learn how to harvest basil leaves and basil stems, which encourages bushy, healthy growth throughout the growing season.
small potted plants and seedlings on a wooden table with dirt in the middle
How to Use Rooting Hormone to Successfully Propagate Your Plants
Propagating plants using rooting hormone in powder, liquid, or gel forms gives your greenery a chemical boost that helps its growth and development. Learn how to choose the right product based on your experience level (and your plant); take a healthy cutting; and correctly apply rooting hormone.
the fruit is growing on the tree and ready to be picked from it's branches
15 Fast-Growing Fruit Trees For a Delicious Harvest in No Time
You can enjoy the (literal) fruits of your labor much more quickly with these varieties. Plant one of these expert-recommended, fast-growing fruit trees for delicious fruit from your garden.
fresh parsley on a wooden surface ready to eat
How to Harvest Cilantro for Fresh Herbs All Season
Cilantro is a wonderful cut-and-come-again plant, meaning that you can harvest from it multiple times. We spoke to experts for advice on how to harvest cilantro, including tips for storing and drying it as well.
a living room filled with lots of plants next to a white couch and coffee table
10 Potted Plant Arrangement Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
A singular potted plant is lovely, but playing with various shapes and sizes is a quick way to infuse dimension into your indoor or outdoor space. Take your inspiration from these beautiful potted plant arrangement ideas.
pink flowers are growing on the trees and bushes
11 Fast-Growing Climbing Roses to Add Color to Pergolas, Trellises, and More
If you want to add a little drama to your garden structures, choose one of these fast-growing climbing roses.
pink roses are blooming on the bush in front of a blue sky with clouds
How to Deadhead Roses, According to Gardening Experts
Learn how to deadhead roses based on the variety you're growing, according to gardening experts. We explain when and how to do it, plus tips and common problems you may encounter.
a head of broccoli growing in the middle of some leaves on a plant
The Best Broccoli Companion Plants for a Healthier Crop
Growing broccoli companion plants can provide natural pest control by staving off unwanted critters and insects, and provide essential nutrients to soil. Plant your broccoli next to garlic, beets, spinach, and more to help foster a healthier crop.
tomatoes growing on the vine with green leaves
11 Common Mistakes You're Making With Tomato Plants
Learn the most common mistakes gardeners encounter when growing tomato plants, including planting too soon, not hardening off seedlings, and not staking.
a garden filled with lots of plants next to a fence
Our Guide to Straw Bale Gardening
Straw bale gardening uses straw as its primary growing medium—it's the perfect raised-bed solution for gardeners with poor soil. We spoke to leading experts on the topic, who explain everything you need to know about this accessible and affordable growing method.
pink flowers are blooming in the garden
Best Azalea Fertilizers for Your Plants, According to Experts
The right azalea fertilizer can help these spring showstoppers grow bigger, stronger, and healthier as they set their blooms for next year. Get the best results from your bushes with these tips for fertilizer types and application techniques.
cucumbers are growing in the garden with green leaves
9 Best Zucchini Companion Plants, According to Experts
Choosing companion plants that grow well with zucchini can help deter pests as they act as a natural pest control, suppress weeds, add important nutrients to the soil, and attract beneficial insects. Experts share the best zucchini companion plants to consider.