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a wreath made out of flowers and feathers
Kranz Tischkranz Trockenblumen Sommerkranz
a person holding up a wreath made out of feathers and dried flowers in the shape of a heart
Dried Flower Crown, Bridal Crown, Flower Crown, Wedding Flower Crown, Dried Floral Halo, Flower Girl Crown, Boho Flower Crown, Bridesmaid - Etsy
Dried Flower Crown Bridal Crown Flower Crown Wedding Flower - Etsy
an arrangement of flowers in a vase on a white table against a wall with a painting behind it
Summer Solstice - Exclusive Dried Flower Vase
Bring some summer sun into your space with our Summer Solstice Dried Flower Vase. This one-of-a-kind design is abundant in textural contrast with an inviting rich colour palette. Featuring rustic foliage varieties and luxurious florals, Summer Solstice will be a focal point in any space. This arrangement includes both
a vase filled with lots of dried flowers on top of a white tablecloth covered surface
Dried Flower Bouquets
Dried flower bouquets are a lasting alternative to fresh blooms, adding a natural floral touch to a space. Simply place in your favourite vase or vessel and enjoy for years to come. Seen a bouquet style you love, but prefer it in your favourite colour combination? Browse the Bespoke Dried Florals Collection to order a