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three pencils with the number nine on them and one has a hand holding a pen
a drawing of a black bird sitting on its hind legs and looking up at the sky
Me encanta
the rat is sitting down and looking at something
Well, what did you expect, pumpkin juice? by knottytshirt
Minimalist badger
some people are standing in the rain with an umbrella and two birds flying over them
Tem um segredo muito bom nesse filme sobre Dambludore
an image of birds flying around the world with teacups and stars in the sky
Animais Fantásticos ❤
the cover to fantastic beasts, with an image of a man holding a box and two monsters
a man standing on top of a roof next to an eagle flying over him and another bird in the air
Tim Burton, Fandom, Harry Potter Series
the poster for fantastic beasts starring actors from harry potter and hermione's hogwarts
Fantastic Beasts movie (2016)
a painting of a black bird holding a coffee cup with the caption, do you know what this is?
Eu quero ❤️