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a notebook with some hand drawn doodles on top of it and the words, headband banners
Journey to the Unknown
26.05.16 {36/100 days of productivity} I have a two hour math course tomorrow at 12. Yay me. I’m thinking of starting a new layout for my bullet journal for next month…any recommendations?
an open calendar book with the dates in each month and numbers written on one page
here’s a little sneak peak of my new bullet... : edify (v): to instruct or improve the mind
Like: studyaestheticx
an open planner with the date and month on it
Inspirações de Bullet Journal
Um Bullet Journal é algo prático, personalizado e simples. Eu sou completamente fã desta moda, e já comecei a pouco e pouco a fazer o m...
an open calendar book with black numbers on the page and pen in front of it
Bullet journal year at a glance, unique date headers, monthly key events log. | @jeffwastespaper
an open planner with markers and pens next to it on top of a wooden table
Planning for the New Year in your Bullet Journal - Zen of Planning
Galera me sigam estou postando várias coisinhas sobre bullet journal e eu tenho um canal (BELLETRAESEL) se inscrevam e a tivemos o sininho, vou postar um vídeo falando sobe o meu bullet journal e como eu comecei :) bjss