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a spider lamp sitting on top of a table next to a sign that says spider lamp
Spider Shaped Lamp
Mahogany and Edison bulb spider shaped lamp.
the table is set with plates, knives and spoons in different patterns on it
If Albert Einstein Designed Space-Time Bending Placemats, They'd Probably Look Like This
Japanese design studio A.P.Works playfully mimics the imagery of Albert Einstein's space-time fabric theory with this mind-bending placemat. By warping the grid pattern, the trick mat creates the illusion that the plate and silverware are weighing down the placemat's seemingly elastic surface, in the same way that planets and stars distort the plane of space-time.
two hands are holding a white paper light fixture in front of a mirror with the lights turned on
Fiber Art Now | A Quarterly Magazine for Artists
Mia Pearlman, one of the paper artists featured in Fiber Art Now magazine, Spring'13 issue
three different types of lights that are in the shape of flowers and trees, one is lit up
Vegetal Lamps by System Design Studio | Archello
System Design Studio - Product - Vegetal Lamps
a man sitting on a chair next to two vases
Natural Gifts
David Wiseman, american (b.1981)_ For Los Angeles-based designer David Wiseman, design is a way of “investigating ways of bringing nature indoors.” The Rhode Island Institute of Design graduate finds inspiration in the beauty of the natural world—flowers, crystals, insects, branches, and glaciers—forms he transforms into ceramics, lighting, installations, and decorative objects with painstaking craft
three glass tables sitting on top of each other
More line drawing than furniture, Ron Gilad’s jewel of a coffee table, constructed from enameled brass and ultra clear glass.
a close up of a white object on a gray surface with one piece missing from it
Steffen Kehrle . Industrial Design. Very clever and tidy joint. Interchangable as well.