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a sign that says god has already prepared the way he's just preparing you
(Not mine) #godisgood
a field filled with lots of flowers and signs that say you've got no reason to be afraid
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IPhone Aesthetic Wallpaper
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a sign that says take a slow breath, don't overthik it
a black and white poster with the words don't overthik it
two pictures of a man and woman sitting at a table, one kissing the other
“God With Us” Widget
an open book with a poem written on it
Sayings, Nurse Quotes, Positivity, Pretty Quotes
Stop fucking reposting this | b-nez
Feelings, It Hurts, Cant Stop Thinking, Grocery, Light Bulb, Canning, Grocery Store
My therapy homework was writing a page in my journal about “anxiety for me is..”
an open notebook with colorful stickers on it and writing in the pages that read, i don't do it which step have you reached today?
several books are lined up on a shelf with flowers in the corner and one is empty
a poem that reads, study hard no matter if it seems impossible to make it take time wake up early and start studying for your future
Preparing for an interview is like studying for an exam - the more you do, the better you'll perform
a black and white photo with the words clear your desk tie your hair up grab a coffee, and just start