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a desk with a laptop on it and a chair next to it in the corner
Gabriel | Barcelona showroom
The Gabriel showrooma in Barcelon is the creation of the distinguished Danish architectural firm Friis & Moltke in co-operation with Areazero 2.0, the Barcelona studio commissioned to redevelop the premises. The architects have designed the space in traditional Gabriel fashion, combining the exuberant colour of the city’s architecture with the more sober style of Scandinavia. #gabrielfabrics
a room that has some wood on the wall
11 ideias para usar placa OSB na decoração
a plant is growing on top of a wooden table with a green metal leg that has an electronic device attached to it
Mesa Industrial: Como Usar, Dicas e Fotos Incríveis para se Inspirar
a book sitting on top of a wooden table next to some chairs and desks
Galeria de Mesa Octavo / IMAKE Studio - 10
Mesa Octavo / IMAKE Studio,Cortesia de IMAKE Studio #vemqueagentefaz #moveissobmedida #moveisplanejados
there is a white tree with several pillows on it
Décoration, luminaires, objets déco
Arbre porte-manteaux chez Cyrillus
an image of a home office with white cabinets and drawers on the left side of the room
Wood Floating Desk Under Windows - Transitional - Entrance/foyer
Zona de Escritório