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a map with the name and location of burball in green, on a black background
Bluebell Island ACNH Animal Crossing Island Map DA
a map of cozy cove in the fall with leaves and other things to see on it
the forest map is shown with trees and other things on it's back ground
a map with the name jacobs island on it's front and side
an image of a cartoon park with flowers and trees on the ground, along with a bench
Hi 😊 I updated my light dirt version of the path for spring! Also added some singe tiles end pieces to this version and the winter one, and will update this path for summer and autumn later on 🌼 MA-6845-0929-1749
an animal crossing game with the words,'the path autumn dirt edition ma - 596
Don't Panik! The PATH has now been recolored to match the dirt in AUTUMN! (Also included is a guide to the colors I used)
an image of a house with a wreath on it
the map for moon cove in disneyland california