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a painting of two candles with poinsettis and holly leaves on a black background
Fundos com decorações de Natal com formatação para Celular.
a white table cloth on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
a blue and white piece of cloth that has been stitched into the shape of an ornament
Hardanger Bookmark Simple - Update 3/8/18
a crocheted vest is shown on a mannequin's head with the pattern
Pin de Zaide Said em puntos crochet em 2022 | Roupas de crochê, Receitas de croche, Idéias de crochê
two crocheted doily on a wooden table with a white piece of cloth in the middle
- Toalha de bandeja
the crochet pattern is shown in yellow and white, with an orange flower on top
Воротник крючком
the cross stitch pattern is shown with different colors and patterns on it, as well as flowers
wielkanocne - Haft krzyżykowy - ewcia37-731
a crocheted pink jacket is hanging on a wooden wall and next to it is an image of a piece of clothing
Receitas de crochê em português
two wooden hoops with embroidered images of hands holding each other's hand on them
Par de Chaveiros Bordados Akai Ito Fio Vermelho