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there are many tall palm trees in the forest
≪∘∙•∘•LRF•∘•∙∘≫ ☾ThoughtsOnABox ☽
an airplane is sitting on the tarmac at sunset with a frame in front of it
Wallpaper para celular
an aerial view of the city lights and water at night, taken from an airplane
a person holding a box full of macaroons on a balcony overlooking the city
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food, colors, and paris kép
an outdoor seating area on the beach with water in the backgroud and palm trees over looking the ocean
ultimate beach hut
the beach is full of chairs and umbrellas
a woman holding an ice cream cone in front of the leaning tower
two people sitting on the back of a boat with their feet up in the water
S o m e w h e r e.