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four slices of food with radishes on them and some crackers next to it
Pumpernickel and Radish Tea Sandwiches
three slices of bread with avocado and beet spread on them
figs and cheese on toasted bread with sauce
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two small sandwiches with salmon and avocado on them sitting on a blue mat
Bagel Avocat-Saumon et crème ciboulette
two pieces of bread with radishes and cheese on them sitting on a plate
Radish and goat cheese toast
several slices of bread with different types of food on them, all arranged in the same row
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two slices of toast topped with hard boiled eggs and sliced avocado on a white plate
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toasted bread topped with avocado, tomatoes and an egg
four slices of bread with eggs, asparagus and other food items on them
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