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a woman hugging her dog with the words keep calm and snugglea puggle
<3 my puggle.. Snuggle your PUG, this is for you Bill Rose...... Love it.
a pug dog sitting on top of a chair in front of a piano keyboard
Scumbag Pets
I cannot stop laughing!
two pug dogs standing next to each other on a tile floor with the caption, when someone asks you if you want to travel with them
...and their all-around regality.
...and their all-around regality. | 27 Reasons That Pugs Are The Sumptuous Queens Of Our Universe
a woman rolling out dough on top of a table next to a pug dog
I love that Pug! :) @Jacqueline Somers Dager
a small pug dog sitting in the sand with a quote from dean koontz
Urgent Need for Pet Adoption - Find Dogs & Cats & More | Petfinder
sweet :)
a pug dog sitting on top of a wooden crate wearing glasses and a costume
A Halloween Treat
a pug dog wearing a black hat looking at the camera
Funny Pictures | Memes | Videos | GIFs
a pug dog sitting under a christmas tree with lights on it's legs
30 Dogs Who Think They're Christmas Trees
Light up
a tattooed arm holding a small black dog wearing a red party hat on its head
digital decay
a dog wearing a watermelon hat in the snow with words melon collie?
How do you feel today?
hahaha i just died
a person with a bag and a pug dog
The Pug
:) my pug does this!
a pug dog laying on top of a bed next to a window
oh pug
two pictures of a pug wearing a christmas hat
It's the most wonderful time of the year
Christmas pug.
a pug dog in a red hoodie sitting on a couch with the caption i didn't choose the hug life
On life and time.
The pug life.