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a pyramid with the names of different types of rocks in it and labeled on each side
a poster with the words it is wrong
MFT - Tau
I think the tau people have won me over. Down with pi! #Mathematics
the poster shows how to find the missing numbers for each piece in this math book
Maths Posters
Pythagoras' Theorem Poster
a book cover with two different types of triangles and the words pyhagoras '
Pythagoras' Theorem | Maths Numeracy Educational School Posters
the trigonometry poster shows three triangles with different angles and numbers on them
Maths Posters
Trigonometry Poster
the diagram shows different types of lines and shapes that can be seen in this image
On life and time.
Understanding dimensions.<<< I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS
a woman with blonde hair and an expression written on a whiteboard
I hate maths... :(
Sacred • Geometry
an info sheet with information about fibonaci number 1 and the numbers on it
i must have been absent that day
Fibonacci Spiral in nature and architecture
the trigonometry poster shows how to use it for teaching and other activities
a poster with numbers and fractions written on it
Multiplication Strategies Anchor Chart by Mrs. P :) 3-digit by 1-digit, Area Model, Distributive Property, Partial Products, Standard Algorithm - 4th grade
an image of people with different expressions drawn on paper, and in the same language
As funções matemáticas gráficas como nunca viu (imagem)
As funções matemáticas gráficas como nunca viu (imagem)