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a lake surrounded by trees with red leaves
Lake Blausee Switzerland
an image of a green path in the woods
The Round Road in Ireland
an image of a city street with flowers on the balconies and potted plants
Taormina, Sicily, Italy
an old rusted ship sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean with blue water
Shipwrecked in Bimini
Shipwrecked in Bimini, Bahamas
there are many colorful umbrellas hanging in the air on this street side by side
Hundreds of Floating Umbrellas Above a Street in Agueda, Portugal
Umbrella street in Águeda, portugal
a group of people covered in orange and yellow colored powder are gathered around each other
Holi celebrations 2013
Huranga at the Dauji temple in Mathura, India, March 28, 2013
a yellow building with potted plants and flowers on the windowsill, next to a wooden door
Vines Tuscany, Italy
many seashells are gathered together on the beach
So adorable..