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an outdoor fountain in the middle of a wooden deck with rocks and plants around it
Jardim Com Pedras: Veja 60 Fotos Decorativas Lindas
60+ Jardins com Pedras Decorativas: Fotos Lindas
an outdoor shower in the middle of a yard with green grass and plants on either side
Area de lazer com Área externa simples e revestimento de madeira | Cláudia Breias 33090 - Viva Decora
Quintal de Jardim de Cláudia Breias - Viva Decora
a wooden deck next to a swimming pool with a plant in the middle and two vases on it
Revestimento | Linha Ecodiversa - Portobello
Conheça a Linha Ecodiversa | Cerâmica Portobello
a table with a bowl on top of it next to a wall that is covered in textured paper
Stone and marble effect tiles, other stones, brown, 9.84x29.53
Ceramics • Matte • Split face, 3d and textured • Wall • Edge: Non-rectified
a white toilet sitting next to a shower in a bathroom
Unicolor tiles, beige, gray, 9.84x29.53
Ceramics • Matte • Wall • Edge: Non-rectified