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a living room filled with furniture and a tree
Cor e rusticidade pontuam varandas e jardins da "Morar Mais", em Goiânia
A Varanda Zen, assinada pelas arquitetas Bárbara Vitor e Julieta Rossi Silva, possui um painel de bambu como revestimento de parede.
a wind chime hanging from the side of a window in front of a tree
Bamboo Wind Chimes 竹風鈴
Bamboo Wind Chimes by olvwu, via Flickr. Also could make a door curtain in this style
a woman laying in a hammock reading a book
Fácil de ser encontrado na natureza, bambu é a madeira do futuro
Agulhas de tricô, peças de decoração e móveis são alguns dos materiais produzidos (Foto: Reprodução / TV TEM)
a bamboo fence with plants and rocks in the foreground, next to it is a purple plant
bamboo screens for garden - Google Search
a tall green plant sitting next to a wooden fence on top of a white tile floor
Bamboo fence, I love this in combination with the gravel and the black wire or rope that holds the fence together, great!
a bamboo fence is shown in front of some trees and plants on the side of a building
Cercas de bambu...
JARDINS MARAVILHOSOS....: Cercas de bambu... Mais
some lights that are sitting in the sand
bamboo lighting | Interior and exterior | New Zealand
Bamboo tall spot cluster outdoor lighting
a man is using a drill to fix a bamboo floor mat that has been placed on the grass
saalada - YouTube
four pictures of different ropes on a wooden post
Beirut Pursuit
ça c'est de l'attache
some bamboo sticks and dirt in a planter
a bamboo fence in the middle of a garden with rocks and plants around it,
Zäune: Bambus-Informationszentrum - Bambus-Kultur bei Hannover
bamboo fence