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a gentle reminder
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pinterest: @aestheticabbie ☆
pinterest: @aestheticabbie ☆ | You can find more useful information about yoga and healthy habits in my blog --> t.me/yogandhealthy
a handwritten note with the words i love every morning when it feels like this next to the world is still empty
an airplane is flying in the sky with a quote above it that reads, i'd like the moon, we must go through places where there
inspirierende Worte und motivierende zitate , #Inspirierende #motivierende #und #Worte #Zita...
a quote on children that reads children know something that most people have forgotten - keith harling
Keith Haring
a green book cover with the words, i ambini sano qualosa che
Frasi sulla Bellezza dei Bambini, solo su Fervida Ispirazione .it
Girl, Kata-kata Mutiara, Real, Beautiful
a white book cover with the words,'podcasts that changed my life '
an open book with the words stay soft written in black on it's page
Stay Soft.
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Trench & Birk 🌞