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an open notebook with writing on it
two skateboards sitting on top of a table next to each other with graffiti written on them
the alphabet is drawn in black ink and has many different letters on it, including one letter
Vector Graffiti Marker Alphabet Numbers Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 25564738 | Shutterstock
some type of graffiti written in white ink on a black background with the letters and numbers below it
Pin de 𝕲𝖚𝖓𝖕𝖑𝖆𝖞 🅖🅔🅔🅩🅨 em Gₐₙg𝔰ₜₐ 𝔦ₙₖ | Letras de pixacao, Grafite de rua, Palavras de graffiti