in my eyes

some analog pictures :)
60 Pins
there is a vase with yellow flowers in it
the sun is setting over the ocean and rocks
a glass vase filled with red and yellow tulips
a vase filled with purple and orange tulips sitting on top of a table
a beach with people walking on the sand and cars parked in the grass next to it
a city with lots of tall buildings next to the ocean
an old tram car is parked in front of some buildings and people are standing on the sidewalk
many different colored flowers on display in a store
the water is so clear that it looks like they are floating in the river or lake
a man swimming in the water near a waterfall with green and yellow algae around him
gêres, portugal
a small village on the shore of a lake
the mountains are covered in clouds and some boats are out on the water near them
an old building with many balconies on it
old film
an old photo of a town by the water with power lines in front of it
people are walking around in the city square
film from Milan