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three little bow clips in a box with flowers on the side and pearls at the top
Butterfly Clothes Pin Magnet/Clips
four pieces of wood painted with white and blue snowflakes on them, sitting next to each other
SNOW-COVERED TREES (teal) hand painted magnetic clothespin set
They would look even better if the upper part of the pegs were glittered with the right-coloured glitter. That's what I thought I was looking at D:
a set of four blue and white flowered paper clips on a card holder with ribbon
Stampin' Up! Clothespin Magnets
three wooden peg dolls are wrapped in plastic
Clothespin dolls
four wooden clips with blue and white zigzag pattern on them sitting next to each other
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Magnet clips! Cute
two wooden pegs with flowers on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Fancy Clothespins
an image of some clothes pins with flowers in them on top of a wooden table
Kissing Couples Made with Clothespin • Recyclart
Kissing couples made with clothes pin in art with Reused Kiss Couple Clothes pin Art
a clock made out of wooden planks hanging on a wall with a metal cap
Mamie Jane's: Clothespin Starburst Wall Hanging
there are several different types of lights on the table and one is made out of wood
Make Butterfly by Aluminum Can (My-FavThings)
Hacer de la mariposa por aluminio puede | Bricolaje y manualidades Tutoriales | Bloglovin
the instructions for how to make an origami paper umbrella with scissors and paint
Oh my so cute!!! Clip to any wedding card or gift including shower gifts. Add their date and a magnet for the frig
several pieces of paper with flowers on top of them and some type of cross in the middle
Southern Charm
We all need a little glitter in our life!