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How to train cute puppy 😍
an image of some people with names on them
Black Veil Brides without Makeup! by XxTabbixX on DeviantArt
two people sitting on top of a fake spider man
Awwww!!! Never seen this pic either! Cute! Love Andy's hair!! <3
an image of someone's tweet about george bush and his school year
Perfect. A Fred and George headcanon that doesn't make me cry
four different pictures with the words how parents see him and how they see him on them
a man with long black hair wearing an orange football jersey and tattoos on his arm
Andy Biersack
a man standing in front of a glass door with the caption, andy biersack is a fairy princess
Perfect. Everyone plz go follow Kristin Wolfe and tell her I'm weird. She'll say ya I know I've met her.
an image of a man in front of a building with the caption, my people needs me
O Brasil precisa :3
a man laying on the floor with his head down and text that reads, this is andy he's one of my idols he's special
This is Andy. He's one of my idols. He's special. • J'adore cette image, peu importe combien de fois je la regarde x) Dommage que la qualité soit aussi pourrie ^^ • Andy Biersack • meme • music • bvb • Black Veil Brides • metal
four pictures of a person making funny faces with the caption batman? oh he's cute just like me hahaha
a woman with long hair and tattoos standing in front of a trailer that says, cool story, bro tell it again while i stand here looking all sassy and what not
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Jayy Von Monroe Yellow Eyes | Piercing blue eyes and mad rad hair - Only 7 minutes? (Chapter 12 ...
a black veil bride is featured in this poster
Two of my favorite things into one....gir and black veil brides