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the view from an apartment balcony overlooking a river
Pela janela olho e vejo...
the side of a red building with a clock on it's face and sky in the background
a white swan floating on top of a lake next to lush green grass and plants
a map made out of beer bottles on the wall
Mural no "Museu do Douro"
a bee sitting on top of an orange flower
an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings and cars on the road
Berlim captada da "Television Tower"
black and white photograph of a clock tower in the middle of an urban area with people walking around
Santa Cruz - Portugal
two red double decker buses driving down a street next to tall buildings and people standing on the sidewalk
the view from an outside porch looking out at palm trees and buildings in the distance
a large tree with lots of green leaves on it's branches in the sunlight
Na sombra de uma árvore...
a clock is shown on the wall in front of a vase with flowers next to it
a white duck floating on top of a body of water
... nas águas do parque!
a round hole in the side of a wall with blue and white stripes
Sta Cruz... a minha praia!