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an old poster with a woman sitting on the ground in front of her is stars
Alphonse Mucha 1896
Alphonse Mucha 1896
four clay blocks with animal designs on them
an intricately designed piece of cloth with various designs on it, including elephants and flowers
@altargokart on Instagram: "Ashtober update >:) we have some more foliage, tulips, rabbit twins, an erupting pear and a bird. Woodburned on a huge basswood panel, I’m doing a square a day for #inktober - I love seeing the wood quilt come together! . . . #art #pyrography #woodburning #woodcraft #wood #artistsoninstagram #illustration #drawtober #doodle #draw #october #halloween"
Illustrators, Alfons Mucha
a pencil drawing of an ornamental design on the side of a building, with leaves and swirls
a blue and white embroidered design with flowers
Floraison Design Co.
a drawing of a woman with long hair in the shape of a snake's tail
Abecedarian : Restoring the Lost Sense
a white shirt with orange flowers on the front and back, says des praires
Nouveau Lily Tote | Cream - O/S
a ceramic tile with a rabbit and flowers in the center, on a black background
Rabbit with flowers tile
a drawing of a dragon with the letter s in it's tail and wings
Cambrai, BM,
an intricately decorated pillar with flowers and leaves on it's sides, in the middle of a building
an artistic tile design with pomegranates and leaves on the outside wall
Ceramic Tiles Decorated with Pomegranates