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a baseball stadium filled with lots of people
Stamford Bridge in the eighties
an empty soccer stadium with the lights on
Snapshot of soccer in Brazil
A interior view of the Castelao stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil. Photo: Clive Rose
an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings and a river running through it
No More War! No More Fascism! No More Relegation!
(1) Football | Tumblr
the large building has red lights on it's side
Startseite - Haus der Kunst
Allianz Arena - Munich, Germany Architects: Herzog and de Meuron, Jacques Herzog, Pierre de Meuron
a large building sitting next to a river
10 Stunning European Soccer Arenas That Put American Stadiums To Shame
Aviva Stadium in Dublin (Shamrock Rovers)
the sun is shining over a tennis court on a mountain side with mountains in the background
football on Tumblr
Ottmar Hitzfeld stadium provides players and fans alike with a spectacular view of the surrounding peaks. Photo: Anthony Cullen/IncWord
an aerial view of a stadium at night
"Dragon" Soccer Stadium (F.C. Porto) #Portugal (photo by Filipe Botelho)
an aerial view of the olympic stadium in vancouver, canada at night with lights on
GMP Architekten | Dezeen
Universiade 2011 Sports Centre by GMP Architekten
an aerial view of a large stadium with cars parked in the parking lot and mountains in the background
[fan cam] Rain on the Busan Nationwide stage.
Busan, Korea | fan cam] Rain on the Busan Nationwide stage. | Cloud USA
an aerial view of a tennis court in the middle of some sand dunes and mountains
Scheduled for construction Underground soccer stadium United Arab Emirates
an aerial view of a soccer stadium with the water and buildings in the foreground
Euroborg soccer stadium, home of FC Groningen
a person walking in front of a large building with a giant round structure on it's side
Soccer City, Johannesburg, South Africa
an empty soccer stadium filled with lots of seats and green grass on the sidelines
Cape Town Stadium
Cape Town Stadium, Greenpoint #SouthAfrica
an aerial view of the soccer stadium and its surrounding cityscape, with water in the foreground
FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 - Stadium Arena Fonte Nova – Salvador (BA)
an aerial view of a soccer stadium in the middle of a park with water and trees around it
FOTOS: conheça os 12 estádios escolhidos pela Fifa para a Copa do Mundo na Rússia em 2018 -
Estádio de São Petesburgo