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a cat's head is shown through a magnifying glass in the grass
Strawberry cow ears
an animal ears headpiece is shown on top of a piece of cloth in the grass
Bear ears
a close up of a bird feeder with bunny ears on it
Bunny ears
an animal head made out of glass and fur with lights on the wall behind it
Kitten ears
a stuffed animal is sitting on top of a glass ball with pink and blue feathers
Ariel 80 inspired puppy ears
a cat sitting on top of a table next to a fake animal's head
Racoon set
a close up of a glass ball with white feathers on it in the middle of grass
Kitten ears
two furry animals wearing glasses on top of a white table next to a pink wall
Fluffy cow ears
Bunny, Black Bunny Ears, Black Bunny, Ballet Dance Slippers
Black bunny ears