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the wall has three different earrings on it
ROMANTIC VINEYARD WEDDING IN NAPA VALLEY — Las Vegas Wedding Planner Andrea Eppolito
an ornate white frame holding a bottle of perfume and a glass in front of it
Fab at 50: Elias Events Gives a Designer an Unforgettable 50th Birthday Party
a bell hanging from the side of a green wall with a ring me sign on it
"Ring Me for Champagne" Wall
As guests arrived, they approached a large hedge wall and rang a bell to prompt a gloved hand to reach through the wall and hand them a glass of Champagne.
balloons are hanging from the ceiling above tables and chairs at a party with lights on them
a room filled with lots of tables covered in white balloons
Event design and brand activation for by Event Designer, Creative Director, and Stylist Jason James, Jason James Design. Events, brand activations, wedding designer, birthday celebration designer, balloons, cakes, desserts, flowers, and corporate event designer. #jasonjamesdesign @jasonjamesdesign
a black and gold balloon arch with balloons
an artistic photo of a fancy room with stairs and chandelier in the center
23 Great Gatsby Party Themes & Ideas That Will Take you Back in Time
23 Great Gatsby Party Themes, Ideas, and Designs [Photos] - PartySlate