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a wooden dock sitting on top of a lake next to a lush green forest covered hillside
Protect Windermere from sewage, campaigners urge UK party leaders
Oceans face ‘triple threat’ of extreme heat, oxygen loss and acidification
Oceans face ‘triple threat’ of extreme heat, oxygen loss and acidification
a stingfish is swimming in shallow water near the shore line, with its long tail sticking out
Pope warns against the exploitation of oceans - Vatican News
a young child playing with a toy truck
Ditch brightly coloured plastic, anti-waste researchers tell firms
a man standing on the shore of a lake looking out at mountains in the distance
Readers reply: why are bodies of water so calming?
an ice floet that is floating in the water
Ocean water is rushing miles underneath the ‘Doomsday Glacier’ with potentially dire impacts on sea level rise | CNN
an aerial view of a river flowing through the mountains and land, with bright orange rivers
Alaska's rusting waters: Pristine rivers and streams turning orange
a lake with houses on the shore and boats in the water around it under a cloudy blue sky
Tahoe homeowners ordered to stop poisoning lake's invasive weeds
a city street is flooded with water during the day
Global warming could make tides higher as well as raising sea levels
underwater view of corals and seaweed on the bottom of an ocean floor with blue water
Tobago’s stony corals threatened - Trinidad and Tobago Newsday
a dog standing on the beach next to a large wave
Ocean spray emits more PFAS than industrial polluters, study finds
an aquarium filled with lots of different types of corals
Deeper Great Barrier Reef Areas Offer Respite from Heatwaves
a coral reef is covered in bleachers of white algae and blue water beneath the surface
Global heating pushes coral reefs towards worst planet-wide mass bleaching on record
an underwater view of some corals and fish
Coral bleaching: Fourth global mass stress episode underway - US scientists
two people walking on the beach next to an old wooden structure that is being built into the sand
JSIF to spend nearly $200m on Annotto Bay Coastal Protection project - Jamaica Observer