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💪🏼 FREE Yoga Sequence for Toned & Strong Arms & Shoulders 💪🏼
Today, we are going to focus on really engaging the upper body with this sequence from strong abs and arms!
Powerful Yoga Flow to Tone & Strengthen Your Core - Free Yoga Class
Today’s sequence is all about building strong and powerful abs, which will also help you find better stability and balance. Grab your free printable PDF!
Powerful Yoga Sequence for Strong & Defined Abs - FREE Yoga PDF
Creating strong, powerful cores is the main goal of today's exercise, which will also increase your stability and balance. Download your FREE PDF today!
Yoga for Healing: To Release Stagnant Emotions in Your Mind & Body
Yoga is a fantastic technique that has helped me understand the value of mindfulness and mind control. For today's yoga, we will be able to physically heal and let go of any trapped emotions in our body and mind.
Saludo al sol: todo lo que debes saber
El saludo al sol, o su nombre en sánscrito Surya Namaskar (Surya: sol, Namaskar: salutación), es una parte esencial de la práctica de Hatha yoga o yoga físico. El saludo al sol clásico es una secuencia dinámica de 12 posturas, realizadas como un solo ejercicio continuo en las que se sincroniza el movimiento con la respiración. Se suelen practicar varias vueltas o repeticiones al inicio de una clase de yoga. Puede practicarlo todo el mundo.