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a group of children holding hands in the shape of a circle with words written on it
Kiwi, Fruit
the word family written in different languages on a heart shape with other words surrounding it
Dia da família
DIY Play Crowns
a black and white drawing of people standing in front of flowers with the sun above them
Consulte esta Lista de Plataformas de Bancos de Imagens
a bulletin board with spanish words written on it and a heart cut in the middle
Trabalhar os afetos
a handprinted tree with hearts on it and the words arvore da amizade
a red handprint on a white paper with the words gosto de it written in spanish
Feliz Dia de S. Valentim!
a group of children's handprints on a plate
Semana dos Afetos
a family tree with hearts on it
Árvores dos Afetos - escola e família de "mãos dadas" - Cativar na Escola
a spanish poster with a girl holding books and a school bag in front of her
Cartazes assertivos: Eu posso... Ao invés de cartazes de combinados
a sign that is on the side of a white door with words written in spanish