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DIY Puzzlesticks
Du brauchst: • Holzsstäbchen • Klebe Stift • Klebeband (durchsichtig) • Schere • Messer/ Cutter Bild von pikisuperstar auf Freepik
DIY Christmas bookmarks - craft for kids!
Difficulty: Easy Materials: • Packaging tape • Scrap paper • Hole punch • Ribbon • Sharpie
traços mágicos atividade infantil
Atividade diferente para trabalhar a coordenação motora, escrita, pegada em lápis. Crédito no vídeo.
Summer fun activity for kids, fruit juice collecting
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DIY Color theory understanding
Mix the colors game Mixing colors helps develop critical thinking skills. For example, watching several colors make a brand new one teaches the child to distinguish cause and effect, and finding new ways to get the same color develops problem-solving skills. 🤓 credits: kidsacademyaz
4 DIY Baby Activities
4 DIY highchair activities for your baby 💛💙❤️ (under supervision) credits: jayde_jenson_rocco