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a christmas tree is decorated with lights and bake cookies in front of a window
winter nights 🥂
two cups of starbucks coffee in the snow with christmas lights on the trees behind them
three people walking in the snow at night
@eilidhmackayyy 🐘
a woman is sitting on a bench in the snow at night with her back to the camera
there are many decorated cookies on the grill
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a woman is walking in the rain with her arms spread out and she is holding an umbrella
people are standing in the snow near a large building with lights on it's sides
a woman is holding a teddy bear and shopping bags in the snow at an intersection
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two hand prints in the sand with one being held up by someone's hands
someone holding up two candy canes in front of a christmas tree
a woman covers her face as she walks down the street in front of a christmas light display
a christmas tree in front of a large building
the city skyline is lit up at night with snow covered trees and buildings in the background
a car covered in snow with a heart drawn on it
gingerbread houses are on plates in front of a television screen with christmas trees and candles
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someone standing in the snow with their shoes on
a large white christmas tree in the middle of a snowy park with lights on it
philly winter
a lit christmas tree in front of a large white building with lights and decorations on it
a cat is sitting in the top of a christmas tree with its eyes open and it's head hanging down
people are walking down the street in front of buildings with christmas lights and decorations on them
a large christmas tree is lit up in front of a building with lights on it
two bowls filled with marshmallows on top of a table
a white plate topped with cookies covered in frosting
two snowmen standing in the shape of a heart on top of snow covered ground
a person carrying a large bag with christmas lights on the side of a street in front of a building
snow covered park benches and street lights at night
Snow view
people skating on an ice rink in front of a christmas tree
the city skyline is covered in snow as people walk along the river and on the sidewalk
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