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a picnic blanket is set up in the grass with two baskets on it, overlooking mountains and lake
Organic Wedding on the Fjords of Norway | PreOwned Wedding Dresses
the tajwa is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, and it's unique to see
Travel to India
Travel to India is very popular among tourists because it features a diverse array of cultural, historical and architectural attractions. The Taj Mahal is among the most famous.
a man sitting on top of a wooden structure in the middle of a lush green forest
Colección fotográfica de la Clínica de Artrosis y Osteoporosis www.clinicaartrosis.com PBX: 6836020, Teléfono Movil: 317-5905407 en Bogotá - Colombia.
a woman laying in a hammock on the beach reading a book while relaxing
Surf and Skate
Ilhas Maldives...
people are walking in front of the castle at disneyland's magic kingdom during twilight
Viver esse sonho novamente!!
an aerial view of the london eye at sunset
J a c o v a s s i
Londres. Preciso dizer mais alguma coisa?
the eiffel tower is lit up at night
A Torre Eiffel é uma torre treliça de ferro do século XIX localizada no Champ de Mars, em Paris, que se tornou um ícone mundial da França e uma das estruturas mais reconhecidas no mundo.
the sun is setting over an ancient city with ruins and trees in front of it
Roman Ruins, Rome, Italy
a river with rocks and leaves on the ground in front of an old stone bridge
Epirus - Grécia Mais
the taj mahal is one of the most famous buildings in india it's unique architecture
“Sinto que o progresso espiritual requer, em uma determinada etapa, que paremos de matar nossos companheiros, os animais, para a satisfação de nossos desejos corpóreos.” – Mahatma Gandhi Índia
an aerial view of the city with skyscrapers in the foreground and sun setting on the horizon
10 momentos em que o Pinterest fará parte da sua vida
10 momentos em que o Pinterest fará parte da sua vida Nova Iorque, Estados Unidos