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three different pictures of cookies and chocolate on a plate
S'mores Rice Krispies Treats Pinwheels - Mom On Timeout
Say goodbye to boring squares and hello to these fun S'mores Rice Krispies Treats Pinwheels! |
there are two pictures of a cake with many different toppings on the top and bottom
18 Food Mashups That'll Blow Your Mind
The Sushi Cake - Found via Now I'm A Cook! The website is bilingual, so scroll down for English instructions (or use the French ones if that's your preference).
two pictures of cupcakes with chocolate frosting and mickey mouse ears on top
Death by Oreo Cupcakes
Death by Oreo cupcakes- I think I'll use Trader Joe's Joe Joe's and a homemade cake mix to make it a little "healthier"
there is a cake with oreos on it
Candy Cravings Stop Here: 31 Candy-Infused Creations to Make ASAP!
A standard chocolate cake mix gets a candy makeover with Oreos and Kit Kats.
a chocolate cake on a plate with a slice cut out and ready to be eaten
Gâteau magique au chocolat
Gâteau Magique au Chocolat - recipe is in French, just hit translate at top of page
three different pictures of a chocolate cake with white frosting
Oreo Cake - Sally's Baking Addiction
Oreo Layer Cake: complete with a thick Oreo cream filling, chocolate frosting, and two layers of Oreo Cookies.
there is a zebra print cake with pink icing on the top and bottom half
EverythingOrganized.Org - A place for the people.
Sophia's zebra cake not so much the icing that I like, but the actual cake is zebra printed....I think i'll do this for her birthday.
the cake pops are made to look like cartoon characters
Pinocchio Cake Pops!
Pinocchio Cake Pops! How cute are these?! (includes step-by-step instructions & photos)
a chocolate cake sitting on top of a table
Kinder bueno cake
a cake with white and brown icing is on a glass platter, ready to be eaten
Kinder Bueno cake with pearls
a cake made to look like a lipstick bottle with the word mac written on it
Couture Lipstick cake----great design for your next Mary Kay Party ♥
a chocolate cake with white icing and candy bars on the top, sitting on a kitchen counter
Kinder Bueno cake
two different types of chocolate oreo cake
Chocolate Oreo Cake - An Oreo Lover's Dream
Chocolate Oreo Cake!
chocolate cake with strawberries on the top and bottom
Kit Kat Cake (Chocolate Candy Bar Cake!) - Kirbie's Cravings
Kit Kat Cake...I just like the idea of strawberries in between the layers!!
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